Science – Activating our Prior Knowledge

We have begun our new inquiry in Science. We are looking at the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon. In order to find out what students knew, they needed to draw their own diagram of how they think night and day occurs. They were then put into groups and chose one diagram to act out. I am really excited to we where the learning goes!

Check out some of their diagrams and videos of their diagrams coming to life!


Can you help in our classroom?

Can you spare 15-20mins on:
*Monday at 2:45pm?
*Tuesday at 8:50am or 2:45pm?
*Wednesday at 8:50pm?
*Thursday at 2:45pm?
*Friday at 2:45pm?

I am looking for volunteers to come and either listen to reading or work through Oxford Spelling lists.

You might be able to volunteer every week or just once or twice during the Term.

Please note: with NAPLAN beginning next week, we will be unavailable in the morning timeslots.

You can either send me a note, email me or just come on in!

Many thanks in advance.

Term 2

I hope you have all had relaxing holiday and spent some quality time with your family. I have enjoyed the break amidst some school planning and of course baby preparation!

Don’t forget that this coming Monday is pupil free day. I look forward to seeing all students on Tuesday.

ENTERPRISE DAY – sweet stall

We had a very busy couple of hours as our plans came to life! I was impressed to see and hear how the students communicated and worked together to make the sweets.

Thank you for ensuring that your child had their ingredients and special thanks to Suzanne, Sharon, Elizabeth, Shelley and Sirelle who came and helped us out. We certainly couldn’t have done it without your help.

We look forward to selling our items tomorrow. Hope to see you there! Our stall is located just outside the Reade Building.



ENTERPRISE DAY – we need your help


I have been so proud of how the students have been working as we planned for our stall. They have certainly been very organised team workers.
In their homework books, students have written down what they need to supply. If you have any questions at all please let me know.

We are going to be making our sweets NEXT MONDAY – 10th between Recess and Lunch (11:15 to 1:00). We would love some parent helpers to come and assist us. It could be for the whole time or just part. Most of the sweets can be made in the classroom but we will need some helpers in the staff room.

We are also looking for:
*containers with lids to store our sweets in the fridge
*trays to put our sweets on when selling them
If you are able to supply either of these items please ensure names are on them. These items can be brought to school this week.

Please let me know by either a note in the homework book or email if you are able to help us out. Kindest Regards!

ENTERPRISE DAY – in the classroom

We have been busy preparing for Enterprise Day. Integrating our units in HASS, English and Maths has ensured that we are being able to not only plan for our stall but also make links to curriculum.

In HASS we learnt how this event creates community and how it supports our community. Our guest speaker, Mr Hunt was able to provide us with a history of Enterprise Day and give us the reasons as to why we have this event.

In English we have been making links to the Exposition Genre. After watching some advertisements we then planned, recorded and now in the process of editing our own ads to persuade the other classes to come and buy from our stall.

Our focus in Maths has been money as we get prepared to count items and provide change.



Week 5 Science

In Science we have been learning about Living and Non-Living things. We investigated how living things need 7 criteria to be considered living. This week we were put into a group and were given pictures of all different living things – plant and animal. We had to create our own categories and sort each of the pictures.

“I liked working in a group with other people.”
“It was fun sorting them into different groups.”
“I liked it because I learnt about the animals.”
“I liked how we sorted and glued them into different groups.”
“I liked learning about animals that I didn’t know anything about.”
“I found it hard when we didn’t know what group to put the living thing into.”