Thank you!

I hope that you have enjoyed your first week of holidays and that it has been a relaxing time with your family.

I would like to thank students for the way that they have worked in the first semester. They have faced challenges with determination and kept stretching their brains throughout the different lessons. They have developed their skills to be expert learners and have been open to work alongside each other. I have appreciated the way that they have taught and challenged me as their teacher – we certainly were life-long learners together!

I am thankful for the support received from you as parents. Thank you for your open communication and for allowing me to work with you to support your child.

Thank you for all your well-wishes. I look forward to visiting CLG when the newest Johnston arrives!

Oral presentations

Students have developed their oral skills through two different presentations. What quality of work was seen! They all developed in confidence as they spoke and presented on their topics. Certainly a highlight for the last half of this term!



Aboriginal Culture Day

After a busy and productive term learning about celebrations and commemorations, students had the opportunity to plan, develop and experience their own celebration. As a group of teaching staff we have been impressed with how students developed their inquiry skills and demonstrated the expert learner qualities throughout this unit.


Demonstrating our new learning

This term in Science we have been investigating the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon. We made new videos to show our understanding of:
*what causes day and night
*the movements of the Earth
*how long it takes the Earth to rotate and orbit
Then we predicted what is happening while the Earth is orbiting the Sun.


HASS – working together for a common goal

Students had to identify a group of people or thing (e.g. the environment) that they value but currently isn’t being celebrated at CLG through a school celebration event.

The groups were:
*People with needs/disabilities
*Reception children
*Aboriginal people
*The government/politicians

Each group had a lesson to develop a presentation to try and convince all other Year 3 students why their celebration idea should be chosen.

They had to answer the following questions:
*Why do they value the group?
*What symbols would represent the group?
*What activities would be held on the celebration day?
*How would you promote the celebration?
*Is it doable and achievable?

After all presentations, students then voted on the celebration that would be held Wednesday Week 10. Congratulations to the Aboriginal group whose celebration was chosen!
Stay tuned for more information.


How to make our writing more interesting.

We have been focusing on our writing and how to make it more interesting.

We started by writing simple sentences. These must contain a noun and a verb. Then we had a go at using some conjunctions and joined our simple sentences together to make a compound sentence.

This was followed by a challenge…writing complex sentences! After writing the complex sentences and using some new conjunctions we found out that rather than just having to put the joining word in the middle, as we do with compound sentences, we could actually put it at the beginning too!

Students have all chosen and typed one compound or complex sentence that they have written.

I like drawing and I like learning about animals.
He’s not letting me play with him while he is eating food.
I was going to ask if I could play football but those kids looked a bit big and told me I couldn’t play.
Zoe was jumping because she got a playful dog.
When I got home my room was a mess so I said “who did this?”
“We’re over here!” shouted Ben so his mum ran towards them.
I’ve had a dog before and she liked to make a lot of mess.
You’ll get a cool pencil case and I want to buy one too.
I’m tacking jazz lessons because I want to learn to dance.
Eliza could not believe her dad’s boss was in the house and he was eating peas.
There is a new boy in the class and he’ll be sitting next to you after lunch when we go to PE.
Toby could fill up a bucket but Luke couldn’t.
I watched a video and someone was about to be shrunk down.
The teacher told us to write sentences because we needed to finish our work.
Phoebe was ridding her bike while Yasmin was cleaning her toys.
He’s going to space because he wants to see the planets.
“You’re going to win this race” said my brother and he cheered me on.
At the church, the bell rang but it fell off the roof.
He’s pretending to be Falcon and she’s dressed up like Harley Quin.
“I’m the king” Seb said so we made Seb breakfast.
Ben got 100 splinters in his leg yet he was only pulling them out the next day.
She’s sprinkling sprinkles and I’m pouring the sprinkles.
I ate whizz fix after I made it and it was yummy but it made my tongue tingle.


Design and Technology – non-stop in 60 seconds

Students were given the challenge of creating an obstacle course that went for 60 seconds. It was inspired by OK Go. Check them out on YouTube!

Students evaluated their learning at the conclusion:

“It looked really cool but didn’t work as well as we wanted it to.”
“It was frustrating but it was fun because we got to be creative.”
“Parts of our design stayed the same but parts changed.”
“Sometimes other people knocked our dominos over.”
“Even though we had problems we didn’t give up. We kept on trying.”
“It was fun because we got to aim the marbles at the dominos.”
“It was frustrating when we had to keep trying.”
“When it didn’t work we had to change our ideas.”
“We had to be risk takers because it didn’t always go to plan and we had to try something different.”

HASS – Different cultures celebrate different things

Over the past few weeks we have been investigating different celebrations and commemorations.

Students made a timeline of their own family celebrations. They then sorted them into celebrations and commemorations.

We then went global! They learnt about one celebration from one country in one continent. They developed their research skills and learnt how books are a valuable resource to find information. Students were then grouped with others and shared what they had discovered.

Students are discovering that celebrations are based on religion, people and special events. Communities have celebrations because they value something.



Science – Activating our Prior Knowledge

We have begun our new inquiry in Science. We are looking at the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon. In order to find out what students knew, they needed to draw their own diagram of how they think night and day occurs. They were then put into groups and chose one diagram to act out. I am really excited to we where the learning goes!

Check out some of their diagrams and videos of their diagrams coming to life!