Class celebration

What a fantastic year we have had! Room 18 would like to celebrate with the year 3 students from room 17 and 19 next week. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will be rotating through some Christmas activities. On Wednesday we would like to have a shared lunch. We ask if students could please bring a small plate of food to share. Girls please bring something sweet and boys please bring something savoury (Keep in mind we won’t have facilities to heat any food).
Thank you

How have we been Team Workers this year?

When I made the letter ‘W’ with my body I had work with other people. –Marley

I was a team worker when I was the manager in my science group. I helped the people that didn’t know what to do. -Elijah

I was a team worker in my science group because I was trying to figure out information and work together. -Harrison

I have been a team worker planning for enterprise day. I was giving ideas to what to make, communicating, listening to people and sharing ideas. -Eliza

I have been a team worker in doing our i-movies. I gave my team ideas and listened to their ideas too. –Imogen

I used team work when I worked with my learning buddy in spelling. We worked as a team to help each other. -Angus

I have been a team worker when we did the i-movie. I was communicating with my group when we made it. -Ashley

I have been a team worker when I worked with my group to make a poster. We took turns putting down information and discussed what would be best for the poster. –Lotte

I was a good team worker when we made our i-movie in a group. I also do team work when I play football for club. I listen to everyone. –Patrick

When we made cordial in a group I let other people share their ideas and listened to them. –Harvey

I have been a team worker when working with my learning buddies. -Jessica

I’m doing team work with my learning buddy with spelling. We help each other. -Billy

I was a team worker in our buddy class. I worked with my buddy to help them with their mother’s day card. -Lucas V

When I worked in my science group I was a team worker. If someone didn’t understand something I didn’t move on I helped them understand. -Lucas A

I have been a good team worker with my learning buddy and when I was in my science group with Jet, Luke and Pepa! -Phoebe S

I had good teamwork when I made an i-movie and poster with my group. I had some good ideas and shared my thinking. -Samuel

In my reading group I am a team worker because I help other people work out unknown words and clunkers. -Seb

When I had to come up with a recipe idea I was working by myself, but then people joined me and we worked as a team. -Alex

When we shared our 3D robots with our buddies I was a team worker because I didn’t get angry when they didn’t understand I explained it more. -Larson

I was a team worker when we did Reader’s Theatre. I was listening to others. -Yasmin

I am a team worker when we do science groups. We all listen to each other’s ideas and work as a team. Everyone stays on task. -Luke

When we were doing science groups I was a good team worker because I was an active thinker. –Toby

When we did science groups I was a team worker. As the director I made sure everyone knew what to do. -Ranu

I have been a good team worker in our science groups. -Phoebe G

For Enterprise Day I worked as a team to serve on our ‘Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate’ stall. -Kaden

On Sports Day I did team work for the Firemen’s Relay. We were cheering for each other and helping each other. -Akiesha

I have been a team worker when I have worked with my friends and helped them. –Jet

When I was making the i-movie I was communicating with others in my group and sharing ideas. -Pepa

Return of library books and readers

Dear families, below is the date for the return of both library books and student readers.

Friday week 7: All readers and library books returned to the classroom (borrowing ceases).

Since readers will not be able to be borrowed in weeks 8 & 9, this may be an opportunity to try oxford owl online readers.

Today the students were given a log on and password to oxford owl (in their homework books), an online reading website with the correct reading levels allocated to your children. They go up to level 30. If your child is past level 30 it is still beneficial for them to access these online books as they could focus on comprehension, fluency and using expression.

Please let us know if you have any questions or difficulty logging on.

Kind Regards

Becky and Bianca

End of year concert

Room 17 and 18 have chosen the hit ‘I’m Still Standing’ by Elton John. We were excited by this song which features in the kids movie ‘Sing’ but the Super Star that originally sang it was Elton John. It’s a great hit from the 80’s.

We want our costumes to be inspired by the 80’s film clip where there is lots of colour, big glasses and wacky outfits!

On the night we need to wear bright colourful clothes.

You could also add wigs, big glasses, feather boas etc.


I hope everyone is packed and ready for our Narnu Farm camp adventure!
Please remember to pack your lunch and a drink bottle in a separate plastic bag from your luggage as we will be having lunch when we arrive. (We will have recess before we leave.)
See you all tomorrow!