I hope everyone is packed and ready for our Narnu Farm camp adventure!
Please remember to pack your lunch and a drink bottle in a separate plastic bag from your luggage as we will be having lunch when we arrive. (We will have recess before we leave.)
See you all tomorrow!

Camp medication

Not long to go!
We need to let you know that if you plan on sending any medication for your child (even over the counter) then you will need to fill in a medical form and have it signed off by the doctor or pharmacist. We have sent home forms with the students we already know about. If anyone else needs one please let us know asap or see the front office for a form.

Term 4 Overview

Chance and data
Maps and location
Angles and symmetry
Number, multiplication and division (revision)

• Quick Write tasks –( plan, write and edit)
• Re-read and edit writing
• Explanation writing
• Recount and narrative writing during quick write tasks. (revision)
• Use genre features (structure, headings, diagrams) of texts in their own writing

• Guided reading groups
• Focus on reading skills
• Comprehension tasks
• Discuss the features of texts, and how and why they change based on the text type
• Class novel ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams– class discussion and tasks

Spelling and Grammar:
• Focus on Oxford Words and unknown words from writing
• Build on understandings of sentence and paragraph structures, and the impact of grammatical
• Dictation – focus on editing and punctuation

Speaking and Listening:
• Contribute actively to class and group discussions by asking questions, providing useful
feedback and making presentations.
• Oral presentations

SCIENCE: Physical Science

Students build on their understanding of the behaviour of heat to investigate how heat can be moved from one object to another. Students will identify questions and make predictions about scientific investigations. They follow procedures to collect and record observations and suggest possible reasons for their findings. Through these activities they will develop an understanding of fair testing.

HASS – Narnu Farm
Students will experience aspects of the past that have evolved over time.

Through orienteering activities students will use simple grid references and cardinal compass points to locate positions.

Design and Technology
Students will apply their understandings of the transfer of heat to investigate the suitability of materials for insulation.
Students will follow the design process of critique, design, make and evaluate to create solutions to identified problems and challenges.

Through our focus on “Being a good sport” and “Fair Play” we will investigate how emotional responses vary and understand how to interact positively with others in a variety of situations.

A range of activities will happen throughout the week both in our own classes and as a combined Upper Mortlock group. These are important as brain breaks and overall health and wellbeing.
Thursday: long walk/long run with Room 17, 18,19, 20 & 21. You are more than welcome to come and join in.
Friday: fitness stations with Room 16, 17, 18,19, 20 & 21

Term 4

We are excited to share a wonderful term filled with learning, fun, adventure and challenge! We want to work as a team with you and your child to ensure a successful end to the year. Please let us know if there is anything important that you need to discuss with us. We will be sending out a term overview soon to give you an idea of what term 4 has in store!

Specialist subjects
Monday – Art 2:10pm
Tuesday- Japanese 12:10pm
Thursday – PE 9:50am

Term 4 spelling will work a bit differently from last term. Spelling words will be based on the child’s individual needs. The Oxford word list, words from writing or topic words will be used to get the 10 weekly words. This week we will be keeping home work books so we can mark off the known Oxford words.

Narnu Farm Camp
Camp is coming up very soon at the start of week 4!
Please remember to return consent and medical forms and pay by the end of week 2. (27th of October).
If your child will not be attending please let Becky or Bianca know ASAP.
If you are willing to be a parent volunteer and come and support us on camp that would be fantastic!please email